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"The Collection Experts" Licensed, Bonded & Insured

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Absolute Credit's collection procedures are designed to eliminate your administrative burden. Our methods will complement rather than merely duplicate your efforts.

Absolute Credit's staff is equipped to begin processing your delinquent accounts immediately upon receipt of the account information. We will commence our collection efforts according to your specific requirements. Every department will prepare detailed management reports that cover all aspects of your organization's accounts, individualized according to your specifications.



Absolute Credit's Skip Tracing personnel utilize modern technology to locate debtors anywhere in the United States. We have the resources to search for individuals by their social security number, court records, DMV records, National Change of Address, recent bankruptcy filings and many other methods. We also run credit bureaus for updated credit reports on the debtor.


Collection Services personnel make the initial contact with the debtor and work to obtain full payment as quickly as possible. If the representative is unable to contact the debtor or obtain payment within the prescribed timeframe, the account will be referred to the Skip Tracing and Asset Location department. The account is referred back to the original representative when the debtor is located. Legal counsel is involved in every aspect of the collection process, and is responsible for determining appropriate action when all other attempts to recover the debt have been unsuccessful.


Financial Services personnel manage all debtor payments and remittance to the client, and reconcile payments made to Absolute Credit with payments made directly to the client. Financial reports are prepared monthly and forwarded to the client with a remittance check from Absolute Credit.