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Please be advised that our toll-free number (800)680-5000 is currently the vicitm of Caller ID spoofing. We have received numerous reports from individuals stating that we are calling and hanging up several times a day. As we are not making or receiving these calls our phone company is unable to be of assistance. If you are receiving these calls please contact your phone company to either block the number or run a trace to identify the number the calls are coming from. We would be grateful for any information your phone company could provide so that we may notify the proper authorities and end these calls. Our valid outgoing calls show up on Caller ID as restricted or from a local Maine number beginning with area code 207. If the 800 number listed above appears on your Caller ID please be advised that Absolute Credit LLC did not make that call.
We have notified the FCC of this situation, reference #14-T01357684. 
************** UPDATE 3/24/14 *************
We have received reports that some of these calls are also showing up with (207) 517-0336 on the Caller ID. This number does not belong to Absolute Credit LLC.

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Absolute Credit LLC is a nationwide, bilingual collection agency  that caters to both the consumer and commercial industries. Our state-of-the-art fast debt collection procedures meet the individual debt collection needs of many national banks, insurance companies, dental practices, veterinary clinics and thousands of other large and small businesses around the country.

Our collection agency views the relationship with the client as a partnership. Absolute Credit's primary purpose is to recover your past due balances as efficiently as possible, yet our regard for the rights and dignity of the debtor is the cornerstone of our collection agency's corporate philosophy.


Absolute Credit will work as an extension of your staff, maximizing recovery of your past due accounts while maintaining your organization's positive image.


Absolute Credit has all the collection resources crucial to success in recovering commercial and consumer debt. Our three specialized, interdependent collection departments employ managers and financial advisors, skip tracing and asset location staff, account representatives, data processors and administrative assistants. Our attorneys are on retainer, providing every employee instant access to legal advice and collection law. Absolute Credit LLC handles all aspects of debt collection. We have the ability to resolve every past due account referred to us. Click here to place an account for immediate full service collection.